Explorador Marinero

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The program: A non-profit youth organization group (called a ship) established to encourage youth sailors of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua to experience the joy of sailing and to teach essential elements of boat handling, seamanship and water safety skills in a fun environment. Promoting ethical behavior among the teaching for members themselves and others while learning life-long lessons respect through social and service experiences and interacting with others.

Members of Explorado Marinero are expected to attend meetings, maintain the ships boat & equipment and aid in financing the program and give back to the community.



Explorador Marinero

The goals are not just to experience sailing and learning boating skills… But to strengthen the young person’s character. Teaching self reliance, to foster team work, discipline, honor, unity to family, church & community and develop a positive happy attitude.


Welcome Aboard

Come and enjoy the fun and adventure of being a Explorador Marinero, a program combining the tradition of the Sea and those that sailed in the past with the technology of today. The lessons learned and experiences can be a lifelong skill-hobby and life style change.

Explorador Marinero is co-educational (boys & girls) offered to young adults from the San Juan del Sur area between the ages of 14-21. Like you they love the Sea and want to enjoy sailing, want to learn the skills of the sailor, and how they can work to help build and be part of a team… but they will set personal goals too, and have FUN doing it. Here in San Juan del Sur and Nicaragua we have an advantage of year around opportunities for adventure on the water and exciting challenges that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Opportunity for fellowship:

As a member of Explorador Marinero you will have the opportunity to share experiences with others who enjoy your common interests. If you know nothing about sailing boats now not to worry, you’ll learn. You’ll have the chance to grow and learn and share your experiences with others in your ship. Your ship will become “The” organization to be a member of giving back to others in many ways at the same time having fun doing it.

Tradition of the Sea:

Sea Scout groups/organsations by tradition are called “SHIPS” we will establish the fist “Ship” in Nicaragua called Explorador Marinero and the ship name of “No Bad Days” the same as the sail boat we will use.

Seafaring and the traditions go back hundreds of years and yet many are still used today. Explorador Marinero will adapt these traditions and while doing so will create some of its own that will be just for Nicaragua that will become unique to our ship and become tradition for our local members for years to come.

Uniforms for identity, ceremonies, and officers titles are unique to the Explorador Marinero program. As a member you will become a part of the ongoing tradition and be a BIG part in shaping new and following old for future Explorador Marinero.

Opportunity for Leadership:

Sea Scout programs are run by the youth members… Explorador Marinero will elect leaders to fill responsible position so as to conduct the program of the ship.

Being a part of the ship’s crew teaches teamwork. As you gain experience you will have the opportunity to contribute to the leadership of the ship. The skills of leadership you will learn through Scouts Marino will last a lifetime.

Opportunity for Advancement:

In a Explorador Marinero ship you will be acknowledged for the things you learn and do… The Explorador Marinero advancement program will reward you for the work you put in to the program. From just joining and apprentice sailor to becoming a Quartermaster (the TOP of the advancement system), you will be able to work toward and earn valuable certifications and awards for the many skills that will be thought. Each level of advancement marks your growth as a seaman/sailor and a leader.